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"TV AND MOVIE CARS FOR HIRE works with many famous Hollywood celebrities, local sports stars and even celebrity "LOOK-A-LIKES" that you can book for your next event!"
JOHN SCHNEIDER - Best known as Bo Duke from TV's the DUKES OF HAZZARD - John IS the original Good Ol' Boy! Straightnin' the curves around Hazzard County in the General Lee, the Duke boys were constantly forced to outrun the law to nab the real bad guys & prove their innocence. John has starred in numerous other hit TV shows and movies such as SMALLVILLE & THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER. 
CATHERINE BACH -  As Daisy Duke on TV's the DUKES OF HAZZARD, Catherine Bach turned the role of Daisy into a worldwide iconic figure! With her signature "Daisy Dukes" shorts, and smile that could melt an iceberg - she managed to break the hearts of millions of men and empower women everywhere all at the same time.  Nowadays Cathy can be found on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS as Anita Lawson.
BEN JONES - Responsible for always keeping the General Lee running in tip-top shape, (and occasionally coming to Bo & Luke's rescue) Ben's role as mechanic Cooter Davenport on the DUKES OF HAZZARD proved just how valuable a best friend can be.  After production of the DUKES OF HAZZARD ended, Ben was elected as a Georgia Congressman for four years.
SONNY SHROYER - Most notably recognized as the lovable deputy (and resident "dipstick") Enos Strate from television's the DUKES OF HAZZARD. With a heart of gold and eyes only for Daisy, Enos was always there to somehow throw a monkey wrench in Boss Hogg's outrageous schemes to frame Bo & Luke.  Sonny has appeared in many other television and film roles including, SMOKEY & THE BANDIT, ROOTS, THE LONGEST YARD and FORREST GUMP.
JAMES BEST - Of course everyone knows James as the great Rosco P. Coltrane on the DUKES OF HAZZARD and his ability to play an unlawful sheriff, yet somehow still be lovable and make you fall down laughing all at the same time.  James has appeared in over 600 TV shows like THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW & THE TWILIGHT ZONE, over 80 films including HOOPER & THE LEFT HANDED GUN, as well as his numerous stage appearances.
RICK HURST - When Rick joined the cast of the DUKES OF HAZZARD as Boss Hogg's cousin Deputy Cletus Hogg, he proved that not only could he hold his own amongst the already established comedic trio of Boss Hogg, Rosco & Enos - but was able to add to the hijinks and make it even better.  Rick also starred in many other TV shows and films such as LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE & IN THE LINE OF FIRE.
DON PEDRO COLLEY - Most notably know as Sheriff Little of Chickasaw County on the DUKES OF HAZZARD, Don played Sheriff Little as a no-nonsense, by-the-book lawman - a sharp contrast to the bumbling lawmen of Hazzard County.  In his long career as an actor of stage, screen and TV, Don has appeared in many popular productions such as DANIEL BOONE, A-TEAM & BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES.
TYLER MANE - Larger-than-life actor and former professional wrestler (he's 6' 8"), Tyler scared the crap out of us as Michael Myers in the Rob Zombie remakes of HALLOWEEN and HALLOWEEN II. Other notable roles include Sabretooth in X-MEN & Ajax in TROY.  Before taking on Hollywood he made his mark on the WCW as Nitro & later as Big Sky.
MICHAEL MYERS - Is it the real Michael Myers - the shape of pure evil?!!!!  Or is it an actor/stuntman who just never breaks character.  We can't say ............ but one thing is for sure - he will definitely scare the hell out of your guests at your next Halloween themed event.  Perfect way to take your haunted house, haunted maze or haunted hayride to the next level of terror!
DAVID BROWNING - Known as The Mayberry Deputy, David's ability to transform into and personify the very essence of Barney Fife from THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW is, in a word - AMAZING! David is a multifaceted entertainer whose improvisation talent and characterizations allow for flexibility and programs tailored for each setting.

JAMES WINBURN - Professional stuntman with over 35 years in the motion picture industry. He is best known as Michael Myers in the stunt/action sequences from the original 1978 horror classic - HALLOWEEN. James has worked on some of Hollywood's greatest classic films such as ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, TRON(1982) and THE FOG(1980). On television his most memorable role was that as David Hasselhoff's stunt double on KNIGHT RIDER.
ROBOCOP - What better (and entertaining) way to keep law and order at your next function than to have a special appearance by RoboCop!

WILL RODGERS - Known as the "voiceman", let Will entertain your guests at your next function with his uncanny ability to impersonate the voices of all of our favorite celebrities and cartoon characters!